Appraisal Wizard

Appraisal Wizard 7.3

It is the comprehensive solution to preparing for and performing appraisals
7.3.2 (See all)
Integrated System Diagnostics Incorporated

Appraisal Wizard is the comprehensive solution to preparing for and performing appraisals. But its functionality goes above and beyond CMMI-based appraisal applications to organize and manage broader compliance audit-related activities using any internal or external model, method or standard. Discover how Appraisal Wizard can speed the realization of your compliance goals.

Simplify readiness, planning, on-site and post-appraisal activities with enhanced features and service. Appraisal Wizard is more effective than ever, with direct support for your SCAMPI appraisals and a new universal, user-friendly interface. Extended reporting capabilities and enhanced rating and graphing capabilities are just the beginning. With Appraisal Wizard you can:
- Conduct appraisals using methods such as SCAMPI, SCE and CBA IPI
- Configure Appraisal Wizard for other industry standard appraisal or audit methods-or design your own
- Work with industry standard models such as CMMI, SW-CMM, SA-CMM, EIA731, P-CMM
- Reuse appraisal assets or appraisal results.
- Use the Appraisal Wizard historical database to compare results or monitor progress

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